Use Cases

Use Easyship API the Way You Need To

Build a fully customised integration to fit your needs.

Provide real time, guaranteed shipping rates to customers within your checkout experience. The customer is now able to choose based on their own preferences and get full visibility on the shipping costs, delivery times and taxes.

Create shipments and download ready-to-go shipping labels, customs invoices, and tax declarations. Have accurate visibility of the import taxes, VAT, GST and associated fees.

Select you preferred pickup slot within you own ERP, or use our dashboard, arrange collection and mark as dispatched/handed over.

Provide tracking information in your store, over email to customers and in your platform for your customer service function.

Using one of these platforms?

Plug in instantly with no coding required

E-Fulfillment Partners & 3PLs

Automate your label retrieval and despatch, or white label and re-sell to your customers.

Shipment Icon

Your clients can automate the creation of shipments on Easyship by downloading the order data directly into your WMS, simplifying your workflow.

Label Icon

Confirm and buy labels on behalf of the client using their API token, or retrieve labels they've purchased. You can hold a single master account where we charge you, and you charge your customer.

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Let your staff look at pickup options and request courier collections. Already have regular courier collections at your warehouse? Mark them as handed over and we'll start tracking the shipments.

Track Icon

Track goods every step of the way for your clients peace of mind."

Enterprise Partners & Platforms

Provide a best in class local & international shipping solutions for your customers. You can leverage our powerful shipping capabilities for a fully white labelled offering.

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Create Easyship accounts directly within your platform and maintain control of the customer journey.

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Build a native solution to add new and powerful functionality to your product suite. Whether you're an ERP, WMS, Channel management system, Ecommerce platform or even Checkout system, build an integration to suit your workflows.

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Take away the complexity of cross border eCommerce in one integration. We provide pre-filled tax & duty estimations, label generation and customs documentation so that your shipments clear customs with ease.