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I'm not able to generate test labels

Every time I try to generate a test label, I'm getting the following error "SPY4297667969107 - Easyship: ServiceResponseError >> | failure - origin_address.contact_email is invalid | parcels[0].total_actual_weight must be greater than 0 | parcels[0].items[0].actual_weight must be greater than 0 | parcels[0].items[1].actual_weight must be greater than 0 | parcels[0].items[1].declared_customs_value must be greater than 0"

A valid email has been entered, and the weight is also there. This is a domestic shipment, so I'm not sure why it expects a customs value.

I'm trying to test Easyship, using my WMS (Logiwa), which has direct integration with Easyship.