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add logo to generated label

Dear Concern, is there any way to attach our logo to that generated label through API?

Magento plug-in

1)Extension disappeared from Adobe Marketplace https://marketplace.magento.com/goeasyship-shipping.html 2)Got a error: Magento\Framework\Exception\NoSuchEntityException: The website with id 5 that was requested wasn't found. Verify the website and try again. in /var/www/mw/mw.xxxxx.com/releases/46/vendor/magento/module-store/Model/WebsiteRepository.php:110 It's due to wrong logic: $base_category = $this->_scopeConfig->getValue( 'carriers/easyship/base_category', \Magento\Store\Model\ScopeInterface::SCOPE_WEBSITE, $this->getStoreId() ); It's getting id on storeview, but takes config with website scope and that throws error.

Balance and Credit API

For our business model, we need an api to check balance and add credit to balance.

API Issue - Can't get label to generate

Jul 25 10:28:23 ec0b7199888a CPPOMS [f80cd85f3031a1f05ba4f2771f34f9ff / 664c5a650ea0bca1d79a15d7cc671567][138120]: [Mon, 25 Jul 2022 10:28:23 +0000 / 10] (INFO) { "platform_name": "", "platform_order_number": "TESTORDER150722", "destination_country_alpha2": "GB", "destination_city": "London", "destination_postal_code": "N16 6XH", "destination_state": "", "destination_name": "MRS A EVANS", "destination_address_line_1": "74 Lynmouth Road", "destination_address_line_2": "", "destination_phone_number": "", "destination_email_address": "[email protected]", "items": [ { "description": "XMAS KISSES BAUBLE", "actual_weight": "0.13", "height": 3, "width": 36, "length": 31, "category": "accessory_no_battery", "declared_currency": "", "declared_customs_value": "12" } ] } And we are getting an OK response from Easyship: It seems that issue is on EasyShip's end.

T&Cs Import Duty Calculator

We would like to use your API to build an import tax & duty calculator. Are there any specific terms we have to take into consideration as we would only display the fees instead of selling and shipping an item?

API integration not working we are getting 'failed to cheaper straight' message

Hi, we are not able to make our test orders go through, we are getting the message: 'failed to cheaper straight' We currently cannot get past the testing phase. Can you please advise where we should look? Thank you,

USPS to China

We are looking into switching to EasyShip for rates/booking from EasyPost. In almost all cases sending the same origin/destination to both, results in mostly the same USPS services at about the same price. But we have a fair number of shipments from US to China and EasyShip is not returning similar and most often no USPS services. I can get a USPS First Class International if the weight/dimensions are small enough. But mostly EasyShip returns nothing while EasyPost returns at least USPS Express Mail Int'l and USPS Priority Mail Int'l (which are the main two that match up for about everything else - except China) Here is an example rate request where EasyShip is not returning any USPS options: { "origin_address": { "city": "ATHENS", "state": "OH", "postal_code": "45701", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "destination_address": { "city": "LANGFANG", "state": "UNKNOWN", "postal_code": "065001", "country_alpha2": "CN" }, "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "lb", "dimensions": "in" } }, "parcels": [ { "items": [ { "category": "shoes", "description": "Merchandise", "quantity": 1, "dimensions": { "length": "13", "width": "9", "height": "2" }, "actual_weight": "5", "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 10 } ] } ] }

How can we populate field - company_order_number?

Using the API, How can we populate field - company_order_number?

UPS carrier insurance

Can we get the insurance amount from our UPS carrier with negotiated rates account? We want the breakdown of the carrier insurance and shipping amount. Thanks

Unable to buy label using v2/shipments

I am using those shipping_settings as part of the API call (production). I was able to create the order and display it through the Easyship dashboard but the purchase has not been made even if the buy_label and buy_label_synchronous were set to true. I was expecting once I make the API call to purchase a label using buy_label_synchronous:true would return me the label in the response (in this case the URL format). Please let me know why this behaviour is not happening even if using test keys works. shipping_settings: { buy_label: true, buy_label_synchronous: true, printing_options: { format: "url", label: "4x6", commercial_invoice: "A4", packing_slip: "4x6", } }