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API issues - Quotation fetched from Dashboard but couldn't get records using Production API

Here is my request: { "origin_address": { "line_1": "847 E 11th Ave", "line_2": " Columbus", "city": "Columbus", "state": "OH", "postal_code": "43211" }, "destination_address": { "line_1": "141 North Ave", "line_2": " Northlake", "city": "Northlake", "state": "IL", "postal_code": "60164", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "incoterms": "DDU", "insurance": { "is_insured": false }, "courier_selection": { "apply_shipping_rules": true }, "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "lb", "dimensions": "cm" } }, "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": "2", "box": { "length": "4", "width": "2", "height": "2" }, "items": [ { "quantity": 1, "category": "Shoes", "item_description": "Shoes ", "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 100, "actual_weight": 1 } ] } ] } When I requested a quotation using the given request, working properly and returning a proper result but when I used production or sandbox API, it is showing me the result "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." I thought my API keys are blocked therefore I created a new credential but the result was the same.

Sandbox - "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided."

Hi, Why am I getting all the time the response "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." calling this endpoint -> https://api.easyship.com/shipment/v1/shipments/create_and_buy_label The same problem I had with the request rates endpoint. I had to change the sanbox key to the production key after reading some threads in "Discussions". After this change I got the list of couriers, but with the sandbox key I got "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." Please find below the body of the request to the "/shipment/v1/shipments/create_and_buy_label" endpoint: 'body' => json_encode([ 'selected_courier_id' => 'b6f1d8c1-7e1e-465e-aa64-880d34662e54', "is_insured" => false, "destination_country_alpha2" => "US", "destination_city" => "New York", "destination_postal_code" => "10022", "destination_state" => "NY", "destination_name" => "Aloha Chen", "destination_address_line_1" => "300 Park Avenue", "destination_phone_number" => "+1 234-567-890", "destination_email_address" => "[email protected]", "seller_notes" => "VIP client", "buyer_notes" => "Happy Birthday!", "order_notes" => "Happy Birthday!", "items" => [ ["quantity" => 1, "description" => "Application documents", "category" => "documents", "height" => 0, "width" => 0, "length" => 0, "declared_currency" => "USD", "declared_customs_value" => 0 ] ], "allow_courier_fallback" => false, "buy_label_synchronous" => true, "format" => "URL", "label" => "4x6", "commercial_invoice" => "4x6", "packing_slip" => "4x6", "total_actual_weight" => 0.2 ])

Delivery pick up date error

The first page is addressed with a function to receive all available shipping methods. In the second contact, the availability of each of the shipping methods is checked starting 48 hours from the moment of the order and according to the result, the available shipping methods are presented to the customer. And in the third function, the choice of the shipping method chosen by the customer is sent to easyship. EasyShip returns an error (that is, there is no available collection date in the shipping management) What is the problem with the reference: REQUEST: { "courier_id": "b6f1d8c1-7e1e-465e-aa64-880d34662e54", "preferred_date": "2022-09-22", "preferred_max_time": "2022-09-22T20:00", "preferred_min_time": "2022-09-22T08:00", "easyship_shipment_ids": [ "ESUS109151039" ] } RESPONSE: { "message": "Failed to create Pickup", "errors": [ "Something went wrong when requesting a pickup to USPS, please try later or contact Easyship Customer Service", [ { "code": "1021313", "content": "Invalid/missing value for address. - [-2147217999] Address supplied is not specific, please provide more information." } ] ], "pickup_fee": 0.0, "available_balance": 955.3 On the other hand, in an application with a later date (starting in another week) the shipment is received and returns data for pickup and shipment: REQUEST: { "courier_id": "b6f1d8c1-7e1e-465e-aa64-880d34662e54", "preferred_date": "2022-09-27", "preferred_max_time": "2022-09-27T20:00", "preferred_min_time": "2022-09-27T08:00", "easyship_shipment_ids": [ "ESUS109151039" ] } RESPONSE: { "courier_id": "b6f1d8c1-7e1e-465e-aa64-880d34662e54", "courier_name": "USPS - Priority Mail", "easyship_shipment_ids": [ "ESUS109151039" ], "available_balance": 955.3, "pickup": { "easyship_pickup_id": "PUS14629991", "preferred_min_time": "2022-09-27T08:00", "preferred_max_time": "2022-09-27T20:00", "pickup_reference_number": "Pending", "pickup_fee": 0.0, "provider_name": "Standard Pickup", "shipments_count": 1, "total_actual_weight": "2.0", "pickup_state": "pending-delayed-api-request", "address": { "line_1": "200 Continental Dr Ste", "line_2": null, "line_3": null, "postal_code": "19713", "city": "Newark", "state": "New Jersey", "country": "United States", "contact_email": "[email protected]", "contact_phone": "+01 0505747479", "company_name": "sharon doron", "contact_name": "sharon doron" } } }

Different results across API and Portal

Hello, We are using V2, when sending rates request via API we are getting results from USPS only. For the same request (source/destination/package) via portal I see UPS and and USPS options. Here is our API request { "origin_address": { "line_1": "200 Continental Dr Ste", "state": "New Jersey", "city": "Newark", "postal_code": "19713", "country_alpha2": "US", "contact_name": "sharon doron", "company_name": "sharon doron", "contact_phone": "+01 0505747479", "contact_email": "[email protected]" }, "destination_address": { "line_1": "43 HATHERLY RD", "state": "Massachusetts", "city": "BOSTON", "postal_code": "02135-4616", "country_alpha2": "US", "contact_name": "sharon doron", "company_name": "sharon doron", "contact_phone": "0505747479", "contact_email": "[email protected]" }, "insurance": { "is_insured": true }, "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "kg", "dimensions": "cm" } }, "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": 2, "box": { "slug": null, "length": "2", "width": "2", "height": "2" }, "items": [ { "description": "Project titel", "category": "home_decor", "sku": "Projecttitel_74761344", "quantity": 1, "dimensions": { "length": "2", "width": "2", "height": "2" }, "actual_weight": 2, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": "5.3100" } ] } ] }

dhl easyship id not provided when creating label

problem with dhl label create when we are Creating label easyship did not provide the easyship id.but label create in easyship dashboard and its cause error in our side

Problem with Easyship carrier accounts

Hey there, I connected my WMS API, and it's firing. But none of the carrier accounts show up in the create shipments advanced tag when orders get pulled in. Only USPS and DHL show. Then others aren't existing. How do I fix this?

HTTP 400: Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory

I'm seeing HTTP 400 errors on requests that appear to be valid Request: ``` { "origin_address": { "city": "Waukegan", "state": "IL", "postal_code": "60085", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "destination_address": { "city": "Burtenbach", "state": "", "postal_code": "89349", "country_alpha2": "DE" }, "incoterms": "DDU", "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "lb", "dimensions": "in" }, "output_currency": "USD" }, "parcels": [ { "items": [ { "quantity": 1, "category": "documents", "description": "sticker sheet", "actual_weight": 1, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": "1.25", "dimensions": { "length": 2, "width": 2, "height": 2 } } ] } ] } ``` Response: ``` { "status": "failure", "errors": ["Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory"], "request_id": "84ad7271-68fb-469f-a3f1-a3fa789ecd9c", "timestamp": "2022-09-19T16:34:28.114Z" } ``` I have tried overriding the weight and the dimensions to inflate them, as I saw linked elsewhere with no luck. Any insights?

Why are parameters in response not documented in V2.0?

But they are in V1.0, I hope it will be the same as in V2.0. Thank you.

Get a Shipment 500 with PDF label format (production)

Hi, We're having issues while getting the details of shipments handled by our DHL carrier with negociated rates, in production environment (500 Internal Server Error). The URL used is: https://api.easyship.com/shipment/v1/shipments/ESUS107836304?format=PDF&label=4x6 The label is available and can be retrieved by setting the "format" parameter value to "URL" or "PNG". We're also getting a 500 error for the creation of those shipments when both "buy_label" and "buy_label_synchronous" parameters are set to true, and the same "printing_options" (format & label) are used. I should add that, even with the 500 error, the shipment is created and confirmed (Label Ready) on our account. Thank you

Is it possible to fetch rates using hscodes instead of categories?

If I enter an hscode as the Category: "category": "851671", for "https://api.easyship.com/rate/v1/rates" this doesn't work: jsonreturned: '{"rates":[],"messages":["Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided."]}' I don't see hscodes as something supported: https://developers.easyship.com/v1.0/reference/item-categories FYI I do get rates if I do this: "category": "home_appliances",