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Courier icon

Hi, would like to check if there is anyway for us to get the icon for each courier returned on the shipping rate API? Thanks

How best to get box dimensions

When reaching the API, I need to submit width, height, length, along with weight to get accurate rates. How best do I go about adding up all the product dimensions to get realistic results? For example, the customer buys 4 products measuring 2 x 4 x 4. Do I multiply these numbers by the quantity to get a box size of 8 x 16 x 16? It doesn't seem rational.. wouldn't it instead be something closer to 8 x 4 x 4 box?

Multiple categories when requesting rates?

Can I use multiple categories when requesting rates? If not, will this affect the actual shipping cost if items in the shipment are different categories?

Do I really need height, width, and length to calc rates?

When reaching the API if I don't include dimensions I get back "Items should have dimensions and a weight". However when the customer is going through the checkout process and requests shipping rates, the products themselves don't have dimensions, just weight. How are these rates coming back in Shopify just fine but, with the API I must include the dimensions? Is there a default dimension used when calculating the customer shipping data?

Different Collection Address

Hi, Is there a way to have one easyship account but there will be different collection addresses? We ship internationally but the products are coming from specific depot closest to where the order is from. We have depots in US, Europe and Asia.