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API does not display the same information

Hi team, Hope someone will reply to this post as it is a bit critical. We have coded the full API into our platform and have the following discrepancies: 1. Some carriers are not shown on API 2. Price differences between API and Easyship platform Let me resume point-by-point: 1. Some carriers are not shown on API Most of the countries work fine, excepted Australia that is only showing 2 carriers from API while the platform of Easyship display more carriers. Print screen from Easyship platform: https://www.screencast.com/t/99oVHhW1H Print screen from API result: https://www.screencast.com/t/0q6bG6gXn 2. Price differences between API and Easyship platform The prices are not the same from the Easyship platform and the received datas from API - the prices by API are cheaper that the Easyship platform (which is great if we are billed from this price :-) Print screen from Easyship platform: https://www.screencast.com/t/yzowxjfm Print screen from API result: https://www.screencast.com/t/w0b56oTISF7Q Datas posted were exactly the same, as follows: https://www.screencast.com/t/yxEaJBxom8J Can you please let us know how to get the exact same information to avoid any discrepancy on the shipment process. Thank you for your reply


We have coded the Pick-up API and can select the date/time slots received by Easyship - once we have selected them, we cannot find the way to push this information back to Easyship Anyone can assist?

Pickup Request not working as expected

Hi . I have trouble submitting the pickup request to that endpoint with multiple shipment ids.it will always return either "All shipments must belong to the same origin_address_id" or" conflict with timezone" .what is the timezone should I use for pickup requests as our server is located in Singapore. My Question: 1. What do you mean by address id, I did not get any address_id in response 2, what is the timezone for the server located in Singapore. You are providing only hours and expecting the entire timezone which did not make any sense. so please guide me on how I convert that hour to timezone. As our backend in laravel so you can guide me for timezone convert either PHP or node that sounds helping for me Please suggest to me how I sent multiple orders pickup requests in a single API Thank you for your reading. i will be very happy if you answer those questions

Shipping Rule Not Working For Rate API

Shipping rate API always returning "USPS priority" value when quantity is 1 or 2. As per shipping rule that should return 3 values UPS ground, USPS priority, USPS first class when quantity is 1. When quantity is more than 2 then it's fails to calculate shipping option. What should change in API request JSON or any configuration for proper shipping Info base on shipping rule?

Select Optional Services via API v2

How to use Optional Services (e.g. UPS Optional Services such as Saturday Delivery, No Signature) on Shipment API? And how can we set Taxes & Duties through API (such as Post-paid (Receiver) and Pre-Paid (Sender) ) ?

API for our business

Hello Team, What API version should we use? Our use-case is that we need to create Shipment in EasyShip through API. This shipment should be shipped directly and print labels (with just one click of button on our system). I noticed that only v1.0 has this "Create a shipment and buy label". How can we Ship the shipment from API and what's your best advise? Thank you very much!

Global Dynamic Shipping (global easyship account)

Following this post https://developers.easyship.com/discuss/62af1d6cbb958b0044c9a7fe where you explained how we can dynamically change the source address (via API) for rates and shipments. The origin_address object doesn't contain the country_alpha2 (string) that the destination_address object contains. We are using easyship's global account and need to be able to specify the country in the origin_address object. Please advise how to do this.

Hi, where I can get guide on the API requests history.

I use API but it does not show negotiated rates from Easyship

api if exist white list

easyship api if exist white list?

API can't get proper shipping solutions

I'm trying to use the API with my test key and getting this error: "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." It works fine for the rates cal, but won't work when I try actually creating a package.