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Shipping label not showing all products

Hi, in easyship dashboard I can see that I have three items but in the generated shipping label I could only see one? Why is that the case?

Creating Shipment, Why can't destination_address.contact_phone be blank?

https://developers.easyship.com/reference/shipments_create clearly shows that the phone contact is not required for destination address but when creating a shipment in sandbox is can't be null or blank. I do not want to collect phone numbers of my customers just to ship to them. Why is it not consistent?

Unable to genrate label with vague error message "undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass"

Hello, we are unable to generate label and we are receiving "undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass" error. We also noticed that the country in the response for the origin address is United States although it is sent in the request as GB (United Kingdom). Can someone please help us generate a label? The request: ``` { "origin_address": { "name": "Customer", "company_name": "Customer", "line_1": "84 hartley green gardens", "line_2": "", "state": "billinge", "city": "wigan", "postal_code": "wn57ga", "country_alpha2": "GB", "phone_number": "+3106-89826441", "email_address": "[email protected]" }, "output_currency": "USD", "platform_name": "Open Border - #L11962-gb-3", "platform_order_number": "#L11962-gb-3", "taxes_duties_paid_by": "receiver", "is_insured": false, "destination_country_alpha2": "GB", "destination_city": "wigan", "destination_state": "billinge", "destination_postal_code": "wn57ga", "destination_address_line_1": "85 hartley green gardens", "destination_address_line_2": "", "destination_name": "Luminskin TEST", "destination_company_name": "Luminskin TEST", "destination_phone_number": "+3106-89826441", "destination_email_address": "[email protected]", "items": [ { "actual_weight": 0.0453592, "height": 0, "width": 0, "length": 0, "category": "Accessory", "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 0.01, "quantity": 1, "sku": "S1A", "description": "S1A", "origin_country_alpha2": "KR", "hs_code": "330499" } ], "box": { "length": 1, "width": 1, "height": 1 }, "buy_label_synchronous": true, "format": "url", "label": "4x6", "consignee_tax_id": "", "allow_courier_fallback": false } ``` This is the response: ``` { "shipment": { "created_at": "2023-02-10T04:30:28.874Z", "updated_at": "2023-02-10T04:30:29.852Z", "order_created_at": null, "easyship_shipment_id": "ESUS130419122", "origin_address": { "id": "f5511da8-9e27-475b-be7f-59d4c3cec809", "company_name": "Customer", "contact_name": "Customer", "contact_email": "[email protected]", "contact_phone": "+3106-89826441", "line_1": "84 hartley green gardens", "line_2": "", "postal_code": "wn57ga", "city": "wigan", "state": "billinge", "country": { "name": "United States" }, "default_values": { "pickup": false, "billing": false, "sender": false, "return": false } }, "store_name": "Open Border", "set_as_residential": false, "destination_name": "Luminskin TEST", "destination_company_name": "Luminskin TEST", "consignee_tax_id": "", "destination_address_line_1": "85 hartley green gardens", "destination_address_line_2": null, "destination_city": "wigan", "destination_state": "billinge", "destination_postal_code": "WN5 7GA", "destination_phone_number": "+310689826441", "destination_email_address": "[email protected]", "order_notes": null, "buyer_notes": null, "seller_notes": null, "order_tag_list": [], "platform_order_number": "#L11962-gb-3", "platform_name": "Open Border - #L11962-gb-3", "total_customs_value": 0.01, "total_actual_weight": 0.045, "total_dimensional_weight": 0.0, "total_volumetric_weight": 0.045, "is_insured": false, "currency": "USD", "shipment_state": "created", "pickup_state": "not_requested", "delivery_state": "not_created", "label_state": "technical_failed", "warehouse_state": "none", "label_url": null, "tracking_number": "ESUS130419122", "tracking_page_url": "https://www.trackmyshipment.co/shipment-tracking/ESUS130419122", "label_generated_at": null, "label_response": { "errors": [ "undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass" ], "status": "failure", "cost": 12.99, "available_balance": 37.01 }, "origin_country": { "name": "United States", "alpha2": "US" }, "destination_country": { "name": "United Kingdom", "alpha2": "GB" }, "items": [ { "id": "ee1ebd88-b0f4-4540-b83c-2432d018c3d4", "description": "S1A", "sku": "S1A", "width": 0.0, "length": 0.0, "height": 0.0, "actual_weight": 0.045, "dimensional_weight": 0.0, "volumetric_weight": 0.045, "declared_customs_value": 0.01, "declared_currency": "USD", "origin_customs_value": 0.01, "origin_currency": "USD", "category": null, "quantity": 1 } ], "box": { "name": null, "length": "1.0", "width": "1.0", "height": "1.0" }, "selected_courier": { "id": "1422eb90-f90a-4afa-a7b2-83657ee54582", "name": "FedEx Cross Border Untracked", "min_delivery_time": "10", "max_delivery_time": "20", "shipment_charge": 12.99, "fuel_surcharge": 0.0, "remote_area_surcharge": 0.0, "remote_area_surcharges": {}, "other_surcharges": {}, "oversized_surcharge": 0.0, "additional_services_surcharge": 0.0, "residential_full_fee": 0.0, "residential_discounted_fee": 0.0, "shipment_charge_total": 12.99, "warehouse_handling_fee": 0.0, "insurance_fee": 0.0, "import_tax_charge": 0.0, "import_tax_non_chargeable": 0.0, "import_duty_charge": 0.0, "ddp_handling_fee": 0.0, "total_charge": 12.99, "is_above_threshold": true, "effective_incoterms": "DDU", "estimated_import_tax": 2.6, "estimated_import_duty": 0.0, "courier_does_pickup": null, "courier_dropoff_url": "https://tools.usps.com/find-location.htm?", "available_handover_options": "dropoff,free_pickup", "courier_remarks": null, "payment_recipient": "Easyship" }, "is_merged": false, "discount": { "code": null, "amount": 0, "expires_at": null, "percentage": null, "origin_amount": 0 } } } ```

why does this rates request api call return an error?

POST /2023-01/rates HTTP/1.1 Accept: application/json Content-Type: application/json Authorization: Bearer prod_4jZAQeqvVWAlL2pJWu2Zfe7GRu++0oymSxwI1fbzrCc= Host: api.easyship.com Content-Length: 1104 {"origin_address":{"line_1":"13734 Bermuda Cay Ct","state":"FL","city":"Jacksonville","postal_code":"32225","country_alpha2":"US","company_name":"Quick Shaver LLC","contact_name":"Wes Krosnick","contact_phone":"9043801159","contact_email":"[email protected]"},"destination_address":{"line_1":"19 Gaywood Cr","state":"AL","city":"Jacksonville","postal_code":"32225","contact_name":"George Brown","contact_phone":"‭9045531910‬","country_alpha2":"US","contact_email":"[email protected]"},"insurance":{"is_insured":false},"courier_selection":{"apply_shipping_rules":true},"shipping_settings":{"units":{"weight":"kg","dimension":"cm"}},"parcels":[{"box":{"slug":"Bubble Shipping Bag","length":17,"width":9,"height":4},"items":[{"quantity":1,"dimensions":{"length":17,"width":9,"height":4},"description":"Shaver","category":"health_beauty","sku":"SKU1","hs_code":"8510.10.0000","contains_battery_pi966":true,"contains_battery_pi967":false,"contains_liquids":false,"origin_country_alpha2":"US","actual_weight":0.907,"declared_currency":"USD","declared_customs_value":59.95}],"total_actual_weight":2}]}

parcel array error

Please explain why this parcel array is not being accepted by your compiler in the request rates api call: "parcels":[{"box":{"slug":"Custom Box","length":17,"width":9,"height":4},"total_actual_weight":2}] thanks

Any UK developers here

I am considering using easyship, for an application i would like developing. Are there any developrs here with expereince of intergrating the easyship API

Unable to find shipment in dashbaord

Hi I've created a shipment using the sandbox token but cannot see it from the Easyship dashboard.

Flower Delivery

Hi, just wondering if we can use your service to deliver multiple flower bouquets or boxes in one run usually between 5 to 10 bouquets from one pick up location.

API: most UPS options not returned

Hi, when I request rates over the API, I am unable to get the same options that I can over the Easyship dashboard (either the "Get a quote" tool or the "Create shipments" tool). For example, if I set up a shipping rule to only use UPS Next Day Air, I can see the option just fine on the dashboard, but the API doesn't return any rates. However, this only happens with most UPS options. UPS Ground as well as all of the USPS options work normally over both the dashboard as well as the API. I have the API request set to use the shipping rules. Is there a limitation or options somewhere to change that would fix this?

Signature Requirement via API

Hello. we need to put into place a signature requirement for any product that has a product value of over $100. We use easyship integrated into linnworks for label creation. We have instilled this kind of requirement before via API, can you please assist with this?