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API error

Please help, We got API error why creating USPS label by API. Error msg: "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." API was working well untill today when we got this error

How to trigger Omnisend's automation?

Hi there, How EasyShip trigger Omnisend to send automated emails? I've already connected Omnisend API with Easyship and it's active. However I'm struggling to trigger any automation from Omnisend even when Easyship shipment status changed. Omnisend requires Trigger filter: For example: Trigger: Easyship status changed Shipment status is XXXXX I'm not 100% sure what should I put there - XXXXX to make it work. I tried the following, it didn't work even the status is changed. Shipment status is In Transit Shipment status contains Dropped off Could you please give me a list I should be in the trigger filter so that it would trigger Omnisend automation please? Best regards, Danny

Sandbox Api Label

I cannot create a label when we proceed as a sandbox api. So, I could not integrate the remaining part into my site. For this reason, I wanted to work with the production api, but this time I will wait 10 days for a refund for the label I created. Am I doing something wrong or do you have a solution for integrating the label?

Create easy ship labels for the packages created in zoho inventory

Hi team, From the documentation, I knew that the easy ship auto syncs with the zoho inventory and creates shipments. Can you let me know how can we do the same using easy ship API? I want to create a zoho sales order/package and immediately create an easy ship label corresponding to that zoho package using API. Could you please help? Thanks, Saketh

Signature Requirement via API

Hello. we need to put into place a signature requirement for any product that has a product value of over $100. We use easyship integrated into linnworks for label creation. We have instilled this kind of requirement before via API, can you please assist with this?

Sendle drop off label

Hi I have a question about an Australian courier Sendle (Sendle - Premium Domestic / courier ID in the API 27588f54-d92d-495e-b68d-ff78c3a2f841) It seems that the Easyship system currently creates a label which is meant to be picked up by the courier and cannot be dropped off in Sendle drop off location. Whenever I create a Sendle label, the Sendle tracking page shows it as "Pickup Scheduled / Parcel has been scheduled for pickup". Also, when trying to drop it off at Sendle, it is not allowed. We are using Eeasyship courier account - we do not have our own. I would like to create a label which could be dropped off. References: 1) See Sendle support article at https://support.sendle.com/hc/en-au/articles/360019116031 It has the following questions and answers: My Sendle parcel pickup was missed, can I drop it off? Unfortunately not. We can only accept parcels that have been booked as drop-off parcels. Can I drop off any Sendle parcel at a drop-off location? Only parcels that have been booked via the order form as a drop-off parcel can be accepted at HUBBED drop-off locations. 2) See Sendle API docs for developers https://developers.sendle.com/reference/createorder product_code=STANDARD-DROPOFF Should I pass some parameter to the API to create a drop off label? Or if this is not currently supported, can you make it possible? Thanks, Kristjan

Rates API to CN no longer returning UPS, only TNT

This is the command line, which used to return both TNT and UPS rates: curl -s --request POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer es_t_prod_ad54fb2536ef167d9c920(truncated)' --data-binary ' { "origin_country_alpha2": "HK", "origin_postal_code": "Hong Kong", "destination_country_alpha2": "CN", "destination_postal_code": "94903", "taxes_duties_paid_by": "Sender", "is_insured": false, "items": [ { "actual_weight": 23, "height": 68, "width": 50, "length": 38, "category": "home_decor", "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 1896.74 } ] } ' https://api.easyship.com/rate/v1/rates and now only returns TNT, with no UPS rates. {"rates":[{"courier_id":"d6b5c2cf-d8e9-41ea-9356-43002b0beb7c","courier_name":"TNT - Express","courier_display_name":"TNT - Express","courier_nickname":null,"courier_service_code":"TNT_Express","min_delivery_time":5,"max_delivery_time":11,"cost_rank":1.0,"value_for_money_rank":1.0,"delivery_time_rank":1.0,"shipment_charge":1054.98,"fuel_surcharge":369.24,"remote_area_surcharge":0.0,"additional_services_surcharge":0.0,"oversized_surcharge":0.0,"custom_surcharges":{"total_fee":195.0,"details":[{"name":"Peak Surcharge","admin_name":"TNT_Peak_Surcharge","fee":195.0,"origin_fee":195.0}]},"shipment_charge_total":1619.23,"insurance_fee":0.0,"ddp_handling_fee":100.0,"import_tax_charge":2320.42,"import_duty_charge":2109.92,"import_tax_non_chargeable":0.0,"total_charge":6149.57,"is_above_threshold":true,"effective_incoterms":"DDP","estimated_import_tax":0.0,"estimated_import_duty":0.0,"courier_does_pickup":true,"courier_dropoff_url":null,"available_handover_options":"free_pickup","tracking_rating":2,"courier_remarks":null,"currency":"HKD","box":{"name":null,"length":38.0,"width":50.0,"height":68.0},"minimum_pickup_fee":0.0,"description":"HKD 4530.34 of taxes \u0026 duties are INCLUDED in the cost","sales_tax":0.0,"provincial_sales_tax":0.0,"discount":{"amount":0,"code":null,"percentage":null,"expires_at":null,"origin_amount":0},"full_description":"TNT - Express (5-11 working days) HKD 4530.34 of taxes \u0026 duties are INCLUDED in the cost"}],"messages":[]}

Return Shipment

How to create a return shipment using Easyship rest API??

What is the complete set of Statuses that EasyShip Reports in the API & at what interval

1. In the api for shipment.tracking.status.changed, what are the text strings for each status? 2. Does the status "In Transit To Customer" repeat within a single shipment cycle? If so, what is the very first status that indicates a shipment is in-process and has a UPS tracking ID assigned?

Return Shipment Using easyship API

Hello Easyship, How to create a return shipment and return shipment label using Easyship api??