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Pickup Request not working as expected

Hi .
I have trouble submitting the pickup request to that endpoint with multiple shipment ids.it will always return either "All shipments must belong to the same origin_address_id" or" conflict with timezone" .what is the timezone should I use for pickup requests as our server is located in Singapore.

My Question:

  1. What do you mean by address id, I did not get any address_id in response
    2, what is the timezone for the server located in Singapore. You are providing only hours and expecting the entire timezone which did not make any sense. so please guide me on how I convert that hour to timezone. As our backend in laravel so you can guide me for timezone convert either PHP or node that sounds helping for me

Please suggest to me how I sent multiple orders pickup requests in a single API

Thank you for your reading. i will be very happy if you answer those questions