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USPS to China

We are looking into switching to EasyShip for rates/booking from EasyPost.

In almost all cases sending the same origin/destination to both, results in mostly the same USPS services at about the same price. But we have a fair number of shipments from US to China and EasyShip is not returning similar and most often no USPS services.

I can get a USPS First Class International if the weight/dimensions are small enough. But mostly EasyShip returns nothing while EasyPost returns at least USPS Express Mail Int'l and USPS Priority Mail Int'l (which are the main two that match up for about everything else - except China)

Here is an example rate request where EasyShip is not returning any USPS options:

"origin_address": {
"city": "ATHENS",
"state": "OH",
"postal_code": "45701",
"country_alpha2": "US"
"destination_address": {
"city": "LANGFANG",
"state": "UNKNOWN",
"postal_code": "065001",
"country_alpha2": "CN"
"shipping_settings": {
"units": {
"weight": "lb",
"dimensions": "in"
"parcels": [
"items": [
"category": "shoes",
"description": "Merchandise",
"quantity": 1,
"dimensions": {
"length": "13",
"width": "9",
"height": "2"
"actual_weight": "5",
"declared_currency": "USD",
"declared_customs_value": 10