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Creation of one rate box fedex-envelope via API

I'm trying to get a box price from FedEx.
I want the price that appears to me in the attached picture.
When I try to make an API call in the V1 version, I don't see an option to add a box at all.
And in the V2 version I don't get the result that is in the attached picture.
I would love to receive an example of an API call in HTTP form of get a box as in the picture.
Thank you

This is the request I am making.
"origin_address": {
"line_1": "55 Prospect St",
"line_2": "Unit 401",
"state": "NY",
"city": "Sydney",
"postal_code": "11201",
"country_alpha2": "US"
"destination_address": {
"line_1": "1 quai de Jemmapes",
"line_2": "Porte A",
"state": "CA",
"city": "Paris",
"postal_code": "75010",
"country_alpha2": "FR"
"incoterms": "DDU",
"insurance": {
"is_insured": false,
"insured_amount": 10,
"insured_currency": "USD"
"courier_selection": {
"apply_shipping_rules": true
"shipping_settings": {
"units": {
"weight": "lb",
"dimensions": "in"
"output_currency": "HKD"
"parcels": [
"total_actual_weight": 0.8,
"box": {
"slug": "fedex-fedex-envelope",
"length": null,
"width": null,
"height": null
"items": [
"description": "Silk dress",
"category": "Home Appliances",
"sku": "test01",
"quantity": 1,
"dimensions": {
"length": null,
"width": null,
"height": null
"actual_weight": 0.4,
"declared_currency": "USD",
"declared_customs_value": 0.01