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Sendle drop off label


I have a question about an Australian courier Sendle (Sendle - Premium Domestic / courier ID in the API 27588f54-d92d-495e-b68d-ff78c3a2f841)

It seems that the Easyship system currently creates a label which is meant to be picked up by the courier and cannot be dropped off in Sendle drop off location. Whenever I create a Sendle label, the Sendle tracking page shows it as "Pickup Scheduled / Parcel has been scheduled for pickup". Also, when trying to drop it off at Sendle, it is not allowed. We are using Eeasyship courier account - we do not have our own.

I would like to create a label which could be dropped off.


  1. See Sendle support article at


It has the following questions and answers:

My Sendle parcel pickup was missed, can I drop it off?
Unfortunately not. We can only accept parcels that have been booked as drop-off parcels.

Can I drop off any Sendle parcel at a drop-off location?
Only parcels that have been booked via the order form as a drop-off parcel can be accepted at HUBBED drop-off locations.

  1. See Sendle API docs for developers


Should I pass some parameter to the API to create a drop off label? Or if this is not currently supported, can you make it possible?