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API Questions for Marketplace

Can you please confirm if Easyship can handle the following architecture from an API perspective? 1) Is it possible for our company to have a master account with Easyship under which each of the sellers on the marketplace can have a sub-account with their own warehouse locations across the world? 2) When a customer is purchasing from the marketplace they would be purchasing potentially from multiple vendors in a single checkout – this would mean that they would need to receive multiple quotes from different “From” destinations. Would this be possible in a single API call if all vendor sub-accounts were under our company's master account – potentially as different warehouses or lodgement locations? 3) OR alternatively if each vendor had to have their own account with Easyship would we be able to make multiple calls for each account to receive quotes? e.g. Customer, located in Sydney orders from three vendors: 1) Vendor 1 in Australia, warehouse in Melbourne 2) Vendor 2 in Vietnam with warehouse in HoChiMinh City 3) Vendor 3 in Netherlands with Warehouse in Amsterdam Expected results 1) Consignment 1 from Vendor 1 (Melbourne -> Sydney) = $XX 2) Consignment 2 from Vendor 2 (HoChiMinh City -> Sydney) = $XX 3) Consignment 3 from Vendor 3 (Amsterdam -> Sydney) = $XX We also expect that each of the above shipping quotes will have a different carrier product offering for the customer to select. Once the customer selects their shipping options and place order, each of the Vendors will need to be able to lodge their consignment and manifest independently. Can you please confirm if the above is achievable?

Posted by Jeremy Barnett 4 months ago