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Failed to create shipment

Hello Team, I am facing a issue related to categories, items of category are not supported to any of the countries. I am using sand box token => "sand_0XgiXm/JrPsaOJCOy94HN8+9oqpv8sCwXHKJBVMN+2M=" here is my code : request({ method: 'POST', url: '', headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Authorization': 'Bearer sand_0XgiXm/JrPsaOJCOy94HN8+9oqpv8sCwXHKJBVMN+2M=' }, body: { "platform_name": "Amazon", "platform_order_number": "#1234", "selected_courier_id": "b8d528a7-a2d4-4510-a7ac-11cbbb6542cd", "destination_country_alpha2": "US", "destination_city": "New York", "destination_postal_code": "10022", "destination_state": "NY", "destination_name": "Aloha Chen", "destination_company_name": "My Company", "destination_address_line_1": "300 Park Avenue", "destination_address_line_2": null, "destination_phone_number": "+1 234-567-890", "destination_email_address": "[email protected]om", "items": [{ "description": "toy cars", "sku": "test", "actual_weight": 1.2, "height": 10, "width": 15, "length": 20, "category": "gaming", "declared_currency": "SGD", "declared_customs_value": 100 }] }, json: true }, function (error, response, body) { console.log('Status:', response.statusCode); console.log('Headers:', JSON.stringify(response.headers)); console.log('Response:', body); if (error) { console.log(error); } }); and getting the error: { "message": "Failed to create shipment: [\"error_message: Sorry, we don't support this item category for India. (Fashion)\"]" }

Posted by Varun Rajaurya 6 months ago