The sandbox environment allows you to test all of the APIs. The data, rates and labels are for illustrative purposes only.


Notes about the Sandbox Environment

The Sandbox Environment won't show a full slate of courier options when you are making your requests. To see the full list for a given shipment, you will need to use the Production Environment instead.

To utilise the sandbox, you will need your Sandbox token (see Authentication)

When making your requests, you will need to use the Sandbox token in place of the production token. You can differentiate between your sandbox and production tokens by checking the prefix of your token. For example:

Production tokens will have a prefix of prod, like below


Sandbox tokens will have a prefix of sand, like below



Testing in Sandbox

If you are receiving unexpected results when testing certain endpoints, try switching to the production environment to make sure you're passing in all of the required data.

All endpoints will remain the same, but the responses will contain sample data.

What’s Next

Now you're ready to test out the API, you can go ahead and create an account or buy your first test label.