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HS Code and COO

Recently Easyship has launched HS Code and COO - https://www.easyship.com/blog/advanced-customs-declaration Is this also built into the Magento integration for Product Listing sync when we use sync from store in Easyship? Are there new fields that we should be populating in Magento (like that of weight/dimension) for such sync?

Label Generation Issue - shipment.shipmentOptions[2].value: must not be null

Hello , The below request for V2 returned an error at first but the same request got successful response as tracking number is "9205590221582759381225" Error message was at first try is: "shipment.shipmentOptions[2].value: must not be null" There is no "shipmentOptions" parameters belogs to the shipment object on api documentation. Please help me on this issue. Regards, { "origin_address": { "line_1": "1777 Yosemite Ave #335", "line_2": "", "state": "CA", "city": "San Francisco", "postal_code": "94124", "country_alpha2": "US", "company_name": "APLAT", "contact_name": "APLAT", "contact_phone": "8185776706", "contact_email": "[email protected]" }, "sender_address": null, "return_address": null, "destination_address": { "line_1": "5125 CLINTON ST", "line_2": "", "state": "CA", "city": "Los Angeles", "postal_code": "90004-1603", "country_alpha2": "US", "company_name": "MIN KIM", "contact_name": "MIN KIM", "contact_phone": "9999999999", "contact_email": "[email protected]" }, "incoterms": "DDP", "insurance": { "is_insured": false, "insured_amount": null, "insured_currency": "USD" }, "courier_selection": { "allow_courier_fallback": false, "apply_shipping_rules": true, "selected_courier_id": "75b17e50-b554-4272-8dd6-8f43e44d1925" }, "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "lb", "dimensions": "in" }, "buy_label": true, "buy_label_synchronous": true, "printing_options": { "format": "PDF", "label": "4x6", "commercial_invoice": "A4", "packing_slip": null } }, "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": 1.5, "box": { "slug": "", "length": 9.0, "width": 9.0, "height": 9.0 }, "items": [ { "quantity": 1, "category": "Documents", "description": "Jardin Flower Tote | Olive", "sku": "JARDIN-OLI", "actual_weight": 0.75, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 54.0 }, { "quantity": 1, "category": "Documents", "description": "Plat Cookware Tote | Olive", "sku": "PLAT-M-COOK-OLI", "actual_weight": 0.75, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 64.0 } ] } ], "metadata": null, "set_as_residential": false, "consignee_tax_id": null, "eei_reference": null }

Error: Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory

When I trying https://api.easyship.com/v2/rate, I have this error "Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory" if i send in "parcels[box.slug]" one of USPS Boxes from Boxes API (e.c. "usps-regional-box-b2") And there is no error if I send in "parcels[box.slug]" slug-value of my own box or an random or empty string. Under what conditions is it impossible to select a box from the Box API list (e.c. USPS)? { "origin_address": { "state": "CA", "city": "Los Angeles", "postal_code": "89135", "line_1": "some address", "line_2": "", "company_name": "some company", "contact_name": "", "contact_phone": "", "contact_email": "[email protected]" }, "destination_address": { "country_alpha2": "US", "state": "NY", "city": "New York", "postal_code": "10022", "line_1": "some address", "line_2": "", "contact_name": "Andy Anderson", "contact_phone": "72688822211", "contact_email": "[email protected]" }, "incoterms": "DDU", "insurance": { "is_insured": false, "insured_amount": 88, "insured_currency": "USD" }, "courier_selection": { "apply_shipping_rules": true }, "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "kg", "dimensions": "cm" }, "output_currency": "USD" }, "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": 0.3, "box": { "slug": "usps-regional-box-b2", // error "Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory" //"slug": "custom_or_empty_slug", // no errors "length": 31.11, "width": 26.67, "height": 13.97 }, "items": [ { "quantity": 1, "category": "fashion", "description": "Little Black Dress", "sku": "", "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 88 } ] } ] }

couerier list not getting canada couriers

how we can get all couriers for all available countries, we are only getting united related coueriers thanks

Shipping label syncronous failing

when using this: "buy_label": false, "buy_label_synchronous": true label always fails.

Zoho Webhook Integration with Easyship

What payload format does Easyship use with a Zoho Flow Webhook? My choices in Zoho Flow are: JSON - The request is sent using the PUT/POST HTTP method in JSON format FORM DATA -The request is sent using the PUT/POST HTTP method containing form-encoded data PLAIN TEXT - The request is sent using the PUT/POST HTTP method containing form-encoded data

Sandbox access token not working

Hello All, We have to try to integrate courier API. And We are facing the below issue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { "rates": [], "messages": [ "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." ] } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information, I have shared the request parameter and API response. API URL:- https://api.easyship.com/v2/rates Request Parameter: { "origin_address": { "postal_code": "91601", "city": "Los Ángeles", "state": "CA", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "destination_address": { "postal_code": "95140", "city": "Mount Hamilton", "state": "CA", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": 5, "items": [ { "quantity": 1, "category": "mobile_phones", "dimensions": { "width": 10, "height": 10, "length": 25 }, "description": "Apple iPad", "actual_weight": 5, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 49500.55 } ] } ] } Response Parameter: { "status": "failure", "errors": [ "Sorry, we couldn't find any shipping solutions based on the information provided." ], "request_id": "545b5f76a41e2994a13f384559dee625", "timestamp": "2022-10-12T10:09:21.272Z" } Note: - This request parameter works with the production access token. - We have applied all possible solutions for this issue but didn't find anything. - Also we don't want to use the production access token because we are in the developing stage. so please please provide working with a sandbox solution. - So, Please provide us solution because our project deadline is near. - Please look into this on high priority.

How to update shipment total weight through API

Hi, I'm trying to update shipment total weight through the API but keep getting the following error, yet I can update the weight through the site. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? {"status":"failure","errors":["Can't edit a paid shipment"],"request_id":"5c10b2e5dbbe3aa9db1119241807524b","timestamp":"2022-10-08T05:40:12.110Z"} this is my code: <?php $data = ' { "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": 1 } ] }'; $API_URL = 'https://api.easyship.com/v2/shipments/ESUS110824888'; $token = "prod_3ZUbf0L3BdVAKnimHdRz89YYGnIIBW2B2C2f587kICk="; //setup the request, you can also use CURLOPT_URL $ch = curl_init($API_URL); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, 'PATCH'); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array( 'Content-Type: application/json', 'Authorization: Bearer ' . $token )); $result = curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); print_r ($result); ?> Your help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Rates could not be calculated UK is not a supported country

Here is the request JSON, I am requesting to buy create and buy labels with V1 API. API is not returning label data. it was working fine before. Here is the response and it is giving some error saying - ' "undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass"' Please check, I am requesting against sandbox. -------- { "shipment": { "created_at": "2022-10-05T11:49:21.286Z", "updated_at": "2022-10-05T11:49:22.074Z", "order_created_at": null, "easyship_shipment_id": "ESAU10112657", "origin_address": { "id": "5f82c4b9-a671-498f-912a-65aa964e4a70", "company_name": "Tap N Go Pty Ltd", "contact_name": "Sagar Malik", "contact_email": "[email protected]", "contact_phone": "0", "line_1": "123 Test Road", "line_2": null, "postal_code": "2600", "city": "CANBERRA", "state": null, "country": { "name": "Australia" }, "default_values": { "pickup": true, "billing": false, "sender": true, "return": true } }, "store_name": "Salesforce", "set_as_residential": false, "destination_name": "Aloha Chen", "destination_company_name": null, "consignee_tax_id": null, "destination_address_line_1": "300 Park Avenue", "destination_address_line_2": null, "destination_city": "New York", "destination_state": "NY", "destination_postal_code": "10022", "destination_phone_number": "+1234567890", "destination_email_address": "[email protected]", "order_notes": "Happy Birthday!", "buyer_notes": "Happy Birthday!", "seller_notes": "VIP client", "order_tag_list": [], "platform_order_number": "#1234", "platform_name": "Amazon", "total_customs_value": 135.17, "total_actual_weight": 1, "total_dimensional_weight": 0.2, "total_volumetric_weight": 1, "is_insured": false, "currency": "AUD", "shipment_state": "created", "pickup_state": "not_requested", "delivery_state": "not_created", "label_state": "technical_failed", "warehouse_state": "none", "label_url": null, "tracking_number": "ESAU10112657", "tracking_page_url": "https://www.trackmyshipment.co/shipment-tracking/ESAU10112657", "label_generated_at": null, "label_response": { "errors": [ "undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass" ], "status": "failure", "cost": 54.5, "available_balance": -4374.85 }, "origin_country": { "name": "Australia", "alpha2": "AU" }, "destination_country": { "name": "United States", "alpha2": "US" }, "items": [ { "id": "022753ff-aab2-46bc-8f6f-8a5f3134af85", "description": "test description", "sku": null, "width": 10, "length": 10, "height": 10, "actual_weight": 1, "dimensional_weight": 0.2, "volumetric_weight": 1, "declared_customs_value": 100, "declared_currency": "USD", "origin_customs_value": 135.17, "origin_currency": "AUD", "category": "tablets", "quantity": 1 } ], "box": { "name": null, "length": "10.0", "width": "10.0", "height": "10.0" }, "selected_courier": { "id": "6507937b-2484-4c3f-8a6c-74191e2fc91a", "name": "Toll - Express Parcel", "min_delivery_time": "6", "max_delivery_time": "10", "shipment_charge": 41.54, "fuel_surcharge": 12.97, "remote_area_surcharge": 0, "remote_area_surcharges": {}, "other_surcharges": {}, "oversized_surcharge": 0, "additional_services_surcharge": 0, "residential_full_fee": 0, "residential_discounted_fee": 0, "shipment_charge_total": 54.5, "warehouse_handling_fee": 0, "insurance_fee": 0, "import_tax_charge": 0, "import_tax_non_chargeable": 0, "import_duty_charge": 0, "ddp_handling_fee": 0, "total_charge": 54.5, "is_above_threshold": false, "effective_incoterms": "DDU", "estimated_import_tax": 0, "estimated_import_duty": 0, "courier_does_pickup": null, "courier_dropoff_url": null, "available_handover_options": "free_pickup", "courier_remarks": null, "payment_recipient": "Easyship" }, "is_merged": false, "discount": { "code": null, "amount": 0, "expires_at": null, "percentage": null, "origin_amount": 0 } } } -------------- Thanks!

Website ruleset not implemented and actioned when using API label request.

After a lot of testing, it seems that labels requested via API are not subject to shipping rules, can you please confirm this is correct? We use the Easyship API to request a label with FedEX International Priority and wish to change the shipping method to FedEx International Connect Plus IF the shipping destination = such and such countries via a ruleset defined on the Easyship website. However it seems that ALL shipping rules are completely IGNORED when using API requests. Why is this and how can we apply rules in EasyShip when using API requests when we do not have access to change the API requests. Label requests have been hardcoded to use the FedEx International Priority and we hope to create a rule that changes this to FedEx ICP based on country, using the rule 'If shipping service contains "FedEx" ' We even tried REMOVING the FedEx International Priority from the list of prefered couriers (with the check box selected to only use these couriers) so only FedEx FICP would be selected but the ruleset yet the FedEx label is still International Priority. (The current ruleset on our account has been reverted after testing so please do not assume it is a rule set mistake with the current configuration) How can we set rules for API created labels using the website? Thank you if you can help.