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Website ruleset not implemented and actioned when using API label request.

After a lot of testing, it seems that labels requested via API are not subject to shipping rules, can you please confirm this is correct? We use the Easyship API to request a label with FedEX International Priority and wish to change the shipping method to FedEx International Connect Plus IF the shipping destination = such and such countries via a ruleset defined on the Easyship website. However it seems that ALL shipping rules are completely IGNORED when using API requests. Why is this and how can we apply rules in EasyShip when using API requests when we do not have access to change the API requests. Label requests have been hardcoded to use the FedEx International Priority and we hope to create a rule that changes this to FedEx ICP based on country, using the rule 'If shipping service contains "FedEx" ' We even tried REMOVING the FedEx International Priority from the list of prefered couriers (with the check box selected to only use these couriers) so only FedEx FICP would be selected but the ruleset yet the FedEx label is still International Priority. (The current ruleset on our account has been reverted after testing so please do not assume it is a rule set mistake with the current configuration) How can we set rules for API created labels using the website? Thank you if you can help.

dhl easyship id not provided when creating label

problem with dhl label create when we are Creating label easyship did not provide the easyship id.but label create in easyship dashboard and its cause error in our side

Problem with Easyship carrier accounts

Hey there, I connected my WMS API, and it's firing. But none of the carrier accounts show up in the create shipments advanced tag when orders get pulled in. Only USPS and DHL show. Then others aren't existing. How do I fix this?

HTTP 400: Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory

I'm seeing HTTP 400 errors on requests that appear to be valid Request: ``` { "origin_address": { "city": "Waukegan", "state": "IL", "postal_code": "60085", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "destination_address": { "city": "Burtenbach", "state": "", "postal_code": "89349", "country_alpha2": "DE" }, "incoterms": "DDU", "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "lb", "dimensions": "in" }, "output_currency": "USD" }, "parcels": [ { "items": [ { "quantity": 1, "category": "documents", "description": "sticker sheet", "actual_weight": 1, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": "1.25", "dimensions": { "length": 2, "width": 2, "height": 2 } } ] } ] } ``` Response: ``` { "status": "failure", "errors": ["Parcels dimensions or all items dimensions are mandatory"], "request_id": "84ad7271-68fb-469f-a3f1-a3fa789ecd9c", "timestamp": "2022-09-19T16:34:28.114Z" } ``` I have tried overriding the weight and the dimensions to inflate them, as I saw linked elsewhere with no luck. Any insights?

No available payment profile when pickup

Hi, There is one more issue when we create pickup. Also not happening every time but this may / may not heppen, even with the same API token, same input. {"message":"Failed to create Pickup","errors":["Something went wrong when requesting a pickup to Pickupp, please try later or contact Easyship Customer Service",[{"code":400,"content":"Pickupp First Mile label failed to generate - No available payment profile"}]],"pickup_fee":0.0,"available_balance":1000.0} May I know what is the "payment profile" required and how can I set it up? or when is this payment profile required?

Not Getting Fedex in APi Response

Dear Concern, We got fedex response before. we removed fedex account from easyship.then we add fedexe again in easyship. this time we are not getting any response

Creation of one rate box fedex-envelope via API

Hey I'm trying to get a box price from FedEx. I want the price that appears to me in the attached picture. When I try to make an API call in the V1 version, I don't see an option to add a box at all. And in the V2 version I don't get the result that is in the attached picture. I would love to receive an example of an API call in HTTP form of get a box as in the picture. Thank you This is the request I am making. https://api.easyship.com/v2/rates { "origin_address": { "line_1": "55 Prospect St", "line_2": "Unit 401", "state": "NY", "city": "Sydney", "postal_code": "11201", "country_alpha2": "US" }, "destination_address": { "line_1": "1 quai de Jemmapes", "line_2": "Porte A", "state": "CA", "city": "Paris", "postal_code": "75010", "country_alpha2": "FR" }, "incoterms": "DDU", "insurance": { "is_insured": false, "insured_amount": 10, "insured_currency": "USD" }, "courier_selection": { "apply_shipping_rules": true }, "shipping_settings": { "units": { "weight": "lb", "dimensions": "in" }, "output_currency": "HKD" }, "parcels": [ { "total_actual_weight": 0.8, "box": { "slug": "fedex-fedex-envelope", "length": null, "width": null, "height": null }, "items": [ { "description": "Silk dress", "category": "Home Appliances", "sku": "test01", "quantity": 1, "dimensions": { "length": null, "width": null, "height": null }, "actual_weight": 0.4, "declared_currency": "USD", "declared_customs_value": 0.01 } ] } ] }

T&Cs Import Duty Calculator

We would like to use your API to build an import tax & duty calculator. Are there any specific terms we have to take into consideration as we would only display the fees instead of selling and shipping an item?

How can we populate field - company_order_number?

Using the API, How can we populate field - company_order_number?

UPS carrier insurance

Can we get the insurance amount from our UPS carrier with negotiated rates account? We want the breakdown of the carrier insurance and shipping amount. Thanks