Creating a shipment and buying the label can be combined into one single API call instead of two. The label generation can also be synchronous


Courier selection

The best courier (e.g. the cheapest) will be selected for this shipment automatically, unless the selected_courier_id field is provided. We recommend using the Rates API to display shipping rates in your eCommerce store, and then use the selected courier to generate the labels.
Alternatively, you can rely on the Shipping Rules defined in your Easyship dashboard, by setting apply_shipping_rules true.


Total dimensions and weight calculation

If total_actual_weight is provided, it will prevail over the items' individual weights. It not provided, then the items' weights are mandatory and will be used to calculate the total package dimensions.
Likewise, if the box object is provided, then its dimensions will prevail over all individual items' dimensions and will be used to calculate the shipping rates. However, if the total box isn't provided, our algorithm will compute the best box based on the items' dimensions, which will then be mandatory.

Items definitions:

items array objecttypedescription
descriptionstringName or description of item
skustringStock Keeping Unit of item.
actual_weightfloatActual weight of item in kg
Optional if the total_actual_weight is provided
heightfloatActual height of item in cm
Optional if the Box dimensions are provided
widthfloatActual width of item in cm
Optional if the Box dimensions are provided
lengthfloatActual length of item in cm
Optional if the Box dimensions are provided
categorystringItem's category. Allowed values=
mobiles, tablets, computers_laptops,
cameras, accessory_no_battery, accessory_battery,
health_beauty, health_beauty_non_liquid, fashion, watches, home_appliances,
home_decor, toys, sport, luggage, audio_video,
documents, jewelry, dry_food_supplements,
books_collectionables, pet_accessory, gaming
declared_currencystringItems customs value currency:
See supported currencies
Must be uppercase
declared_customs_valuefloatItems customs value

Box definitions:

box objecttypedescription
lengthfloatLength of the box in cm
widthfloatWidth of the box in cm
heightfloatHeight of the box in cm
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