With the Label resource, you can confirm a Shipment that was created using the Shipment API. Calling Buy Labels will confirm a Shipment with the selected Courier and begin generating the Label & Shipping Documents after checking your account’s balance is sufficient.

If your Shipment doesn’t have a Courier assigned to it yet, you can specify a courier_id to the Label resource to choose your Courier and confirm your Shipment. If there is no assigned Courier and you don’t include a courier_id, we will assign the best value for money Courier to your Shipment.


Asynchronous response

The Label & Shipping Documents will be generated asynchronously.
If you specified a Callback URL with the Company API, or through the Easyship Dashboard, this URL will be called when the documents are ready.

Whilst these documents are being generated, the label_state will be set to pending. The possible states are not_created, pending, failed and generated.

For more information on asynchronous API response handling, please see the Asynchronous Responses section of the documentation.