API Resources

All API endpoints listed in this documentation are relative to https://api.easyship.com/<endpoint>/v1/<resource>. For example, the /rates resource is reachable at https://api.easyship.com/rate/v1/rates


In order to authenticate properly, please put Authorization: Bearer <API Access Token> in your header. You can generate the API Access Token from your Easyship Dashboard. You will need to create an API connection, and then retrieve the token from the store settings.

Authorization: Bearer



PLEASE NOTE: These are not your tokens, but examples. You can retrieve your token from the dashboard.


Try It Now Authentication

The Try It Now section of the documentation connects to the Easyship Production environment (api.easyship.com). To generate test code and to test the endpoints, please use your Sandbox token to authenticate correctly.

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting of API is based primarily on <API Access Token>, all the endpoints have a limit of 60 requests per minute and 10 requests per second in the case of instant requests. You will be blocked once you make the maximum amount of requests until the window begins.