With the Pickup API, you can decide to ask the courier to pickup your shipments or drop off by yourself to the courier nearby.

Before you start to request a pickup, you need to retrieve available pickup options and then use the Request Pickup resource to ask the courier to collect your shipments in your preferred time slot.

If the selected courier doesn't offer collections, you receive regular collections already or you drop the parcels off to the courier, please use Mark as Dropped Off to inform us.

After you request a pickup or mark as dropped off, Easyship will begin tracking your shipments. You can see all checkpoints by using the Track API

Pick-Up Slots

Available Pickup Slots will be calculated for a specific Courier, in local time and for the next 7 days. A Pickup can then be requested using the Request Pickup call.

Request a Pick-Up

When a Pickup is created, a pickup request will be made directly with the Courier, which will return a reference number. The reference number can be used when contacting interacting with the customer service team of the given courier. A pickup slot must be chosen; available pickup slots may be found using the Get Available Pickup Slots call.

Mark As Directly Handed Over

This is the alternative to requesting a Pickup, to be used either when the courier doesn't provide a pickup service, or when a pickup is already scheduled at your warehouse on a regular basis. Marking the shipments as handed over is the key to start the tracking process of those shipments, and to notify the receiver with the tracking information by email.