items array objecttypedescription
descriptionstringName or description of item
skustringStock Keeping Unit of item.
actual_weightfloatActual weight of item in KG
heightfloatActual height of item in cm
widthfloatActual width of item in cm
lengthfloatActual length of item in cm
categorystringItem's category. Allowed values=
mobiles, tablets, computers_laptops, cameras, accessory_no_battery, accessory_battery, health_beauty, fashion, watches, home_appliances, home_decor, toys, sport, luggage, audio_video, documents, jewelry, dry_food_supplements, books_collectionables, pet_accessory, gaming
declared_currencystringItems customs value currency:
See supported currencies
Must be uppercase
declared_customs_valuefloatItems customs value
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