messageResponse message. Will contain error messages if the status is failure
total_costTotal cost of all shipments
available_balanceRemaining balance in your account
-- easyship_shipment_idEasyship shipment reference number
-- label_stateState of the shipment label (not_created, pending, failed, generated). By default the label_state will be pending as the labels are generated asynchronously. If you set up a callback url (see Company API), you will receive a callback with the tracking_number and the label_url as soon as the label is successfully generated.
-- label_urlLink to retrieve the shipment's label and additional shipping documents (will only be available once the label is generated)
-- tracking_numberShipment tracking number provided by the courier (will only be available once the label is generated)
-- tracking_page_urlLink to the tracking page where the receiver can track the status of his/her shipment
-- statusStatus. If success, the shipment has been confirmed and the label will be generated