Create Labels

Create a new label.

Required authorization scope: Label

Labels confirm a shipment created with the Shipment API. Calling Create Labels will confirm a shipment with selected courier and begin generating the label and shipping documents if your account balance is sufficient.

You can enter a courier_id to assign a specific courier in case your shipment has no assigned courier yet, or you need to overwrite the one suggested by default. Your shipment will be confirmed. If there is no assigned courier and you leave the courier_id field blank, we will automatically assign the best value for money courier to your shipment.

Asynchronous response

The label and shipping documents will be generated asynchronously. If you specified a Callback URL through the Easyship dashboard, this URL will be called when the documents are ready.
Whilst these documents are being generated, the label_state will be set to pending. The possible states are not_created, pending, failed and generated.

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