Easyship uses Bearer Authentication to authenticate requests. You will need to include Authorization: Bearer <API Access Token> in the header for all requests.

Before you get started, you will need to generate an API Access Token on our dashboard.

How to Get an API Access Token

  1. Login to your Easyship dashboard
  2. Click Connect > New Integration and select API Integration.
  3. Give the new integration a name and click Connect
  4. You will be provided with an access token for our Production and Sandbox environments and will be able to adjust the API scopes you want to access.


Production tokens are prefixed with prod and sandbox tokens are prefixed with sand .
For instance:

Example - Production: prod_4e2b327e2ef5471885cd0bc50a0c9fe52481793bd309b2c4f
Example - Sandbox: sand_4e2b327e2ef5471885cd0bc50a0c9fe52481793bd309b2c4f