In this version, we are introducing refactored errors. You can find examples in each related API endpoint. Here is some basic information.

Example structure

  "error": {
    "code": "invalid_content",
    "details": [
      "Account number can't be blank",
      "Customer name can't be blank"
    "message": "The request body content is not valid.",
    "request_id": "47d9098e-1cc7-441e-b8d8-d002bf5b980b",
    "type": "invalid_request_error"


  • api_error: our internal or 3rd party error
  • invalid_request_error: error related to your request


CodeHTTP statusTypeInfo
api_error400api_errorInternal or 3rd party API error.
forbidden403invalid_request_errorUsed API token does not have the required scope.
internal_server_error500api_errorUnexpected internal error.
invalid_content422invalid_request_errorThe request body content is not valid.
invalid_endpoint404invalid_request_errorThe requested endpoint does not exist.
invalid_token401invalid_request_errorInvalid API token.
invalid_request400invalid_request_errorThe request body is malformed or not valid.
invalid_url_param422invalid_request_errorThe request URL param is invalid.
resource_not_found404invalid_request_errorThe requested resource was not found.
too_many_requests429invalid_request_errorRate Limit Exceeded. You have reached the maximum number of requests. Try again later or contact your account manager to request a higher limit.
over_limit402invalid_request_errorYou have reached your plan limit. Upgrade your plan.
payment_required402invalid_request_errorInsufficient balance on your account. Add more funds.