Add credit

Top up your credit.

In case your payment source (credit card) requires 3D validation use the Stripe SDK.

To detect any fraudulent activities and initiate Radar and 3D Secure, integrate handleCardAction from Stripe.js.


<script src=""></script>
   // Retrieve Easyship stripe publishable api key through `GET /2023-01/account/stripe`
   var stripe = Stripe('stripe_publishable_api_key'); 

   // When `POST /2023-01/account/credit` returns status code 202, retrieve the secret in the response. 
   var secret = response.action.client_secret

   // 3D validation
   stripe.handleCardAction(secret).then(function (result) {
     if (result.error) {
       // error handling
     } else {
       // You would receive stripe payment_intent object
       // `POST /2023-01/account/credit/confirm_3ds` with to confirm credit top-up

Required authorization scope: Payment

This API is currently in beta and is available upon request. Get in touch with your account manager or Easyship Support Team to enable it.

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