Request Rates

Request a list of shipping quotes for a prospective shipment.

Required authorization scope: Rate

Compare couriers to see the cheapest, fastest and best value for money, or a combination of speed, price and reliability.

Input city and state

If you are shipping to or within the United States, Canada, Mexico or Australia, we recommend that you always input the origin and destination city and state. This information is required by certain couriers to return accurate rates.

Calculate dimensions and total weight

You can calculate dimensions and total weight of your shipment in three ways:

  • Provide total_actual_weight and box objects for the shipment.
  • Specify actual_weight and dimensions for each item of the items object: in this case, total weight and box size will be calculated automatically.
  • Specify sku for each item of the items object: in this case, actual weight and dimensions for calculations will be taken as set for the product.
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