The Rates API allows you to request a list of shipping quotes for a prospective Shipment. The response will also indicate which Courier is the cheapest, fastest and best value for money, which is a combination of speed, price and reliability.

It requires a Rate authorization scope enabled on the API key.

ℹ️ Inputting City and State

If you are shipping to or within the United States, Canada, Mexico or Australia, we recommend that you always input the origin and destination city and state. That information is required by certain couriers to return accurate rates.

ℹ️ Calculating Dimensions and Total Weight

If a parcel's total_actual_weight is provided, it will prevail over the sum of the items' weights. If not provided, the items' weights are mandatory and will be used to calculate the total package dimensions.

Likewise, if the box object is provided, its dimensions will prevail over all individual items' dimensions. If a box isn't specified, item dimensions are mandatory and we will used to determine the best box for the parcel.

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